Shine a Light on Lung Cancer

Every year, the Shine a Light campaign raises funds to brighten the future for Australians living with lung cancer. With your support Lung Foundation Australia provides seed funding for the best and brightest researchers to undertake projects that support discoveries towards the prevention, management and cure of lung cancer. Scientific breakthroughs can take years to accomplish but every dollar makes a difference to the lives of people impacted by lung cancer.

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There is hope for a brighter future

With one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers, lung cancer has a devastating impact on the lives of thousands of Australians. But there is hope. In recent years, advances in new treatments have seen an increase in the survival rate and quality of life for people impacted by the disease – research is providing hope that has never existed before.

There is still a long road ahead but with your support we can build a brighter future for Australians diagnosed with lung cancer. Your donation will support ground-breaking research into lung cancer.

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Our Community Champions

Rebecca Marsh

"My name is Rebecca Marsh and I’m the daughter of a lung cancer warrior. My incredible Mum, Annette, was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC one year ago. By the time we found the cancer it had already spread to her bones and liver. Everything had changed in an instant. I want to help Shine a Light on Lung Cancer this November to raise awareness and spread the message that anyone can get Lung Cancer, not just smokers. There is still too much stigma associated with the disease and such a lack of funding when compared to other cancers. I’ve heard too many stories of healthy Men and Women being told they have stage IV Lung Cancer after the sudden onset of pain in their back, hip or shoulders." - Rebecca Marsh, experienced television reporter and wife to cricketer Shaun Marsh.

Rebecca and her mum are hosting a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer long table luncheon event to raise money for research.

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Mel McLaughlin

“It’s time to get rid of the stigma around lung cancer – it has no place here. No one deserves lung cancer. The statistics are frightening, and the level of funding is disgustingly low. But times are changing.” – Mel McLaughlin, 7NEWS Sports Anchor.

Each hour an Australian family loses a loved one to lung cancer. This is all too real for Mel McLaughlin who tragically lost her big sister, Tara in 2015. It’s a disease that takes the lives of more people than breast and ovarian cancers combined.

Yet, at the same time, more than a third (35%) of Australians believe those living with lung cancer only have themselves to blame. Stigma towards lung cancer is a barrier that blocks investment into research, treatment, and support. In fact, lung cancer receives little government investment for research into diagnosis and treatment options.

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Lanterns of Hope

Historically lanterns have been symbols of hope, happiness, health and success. Lantern festivals are held all over the world and for many they are a chance to send wishes and messages to and for their loved ones.

You can light a lantern in support, in honour or in memory of a loved one.

Today you can make a difference. Light your lantern to help pave a brighter future for Australians living with lung cancer.

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